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Complete Transparency

Caelum Clarity

For years, the Caelum team has been working with African governments to engineer and securely deploy advanced tracing and tracking of intangible assets, such as carbon offsets. 

Though this innovation Caelum Clarity™ was developed.  

Caelum Clarity™

Caelum Clarity™, a comprehensive software solution that follows the digital MRV framework defined by both REDD+ and InterWork Alliance.  This innovative platform is the first of its kind to easily collect and intuitively present evidence of monitoring, reporting, and verification (MRV) for the carbon credits market. Caelum Clarity™ leverages our GIS, data visualization, graph capabilities, AI, remote sensing, and blockchain expertise.  


Unprecedented Transparency

Caelum's advanced Digital Monitoring, Reporting and Visualization (DMRV) architecture enables intuitive visualization to trace carbon offset credits to original data sources and analyses, enabling easy auditable transparency. 

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Innovative Carbon Measuring Technology

We measure carbon content in real time providing confidence your investment is changing lives. In combination with satellite, location-based video, and ground sampling data, Caelum ensures accurate and complete carbon measuring processes.


Encrypted and Secure

Be assured that your data, your brand, and your investment are secured and trusted. Caelum was an early innovator of immutable data technologies such as blockchain with numerous enterprise applications implemented throughout Africa.

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